Lock Installation

American Local Locksmith 855-888-3001 Installation and replacement of locks is a much faster process than you might think, as long as a qualified professional is doing it. Unfortunately, DIY lock installation attempts or those handled by general contractors can put your safety and security at risk if they are not handled properly. The technicians at American Local Locksmith are licensed, bonded and have had an appropriate background check done. Our team is fast, reliable and fully trained in installing all types of locks. Additionally, our mobile locksmith vans provide all of the necessary tools, allowing us to perform every step of the installation in one trip and in a very reasonable amount of time.
We are able to handle everything from a simple replacement of a residential front door lock to the complete installation of new locks throughout an entire commercial facility. Our lock installation services are also not limited to mechanical locks. We can assist you with the installation of keyless entry systems, magnetic locks and buzzer systems, "smart locks" and all types of high security locks.

The best news is, all of our locksmith services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Any time you need lock installation, even on holidays or in the middle of the night, you can rest assured that American Local Locksmith will be available and will be on the scene and done with the job as quickly as possible.

Do I Need Any Information Before Calling?

We can assist you with a lock installation even if you have very little information on the locks in question, as our mobile locksmith vans are equipped well enough to flexibly respond to just about any situation.

However, it does help speed the process up a bit if you can identify the type of lock that is being installed, and the one that is currently installed if applicable. If the brand name is not visible on the exterior, it can usually be found on the edge seen when the door is open. If the lock is electronic, any information about a connected security system is also helpful.

Types of Locks We Install

The simplest and most straightforward lock installation is a new doorknob handle with a deadbolt. It is also possible to install locks throughout a home or business that allow a master key to open all doors, with other keys having only limited access. The benefits of such a system to a commercial business are obvious, but these systems also have residential applications as well. For example, one situation we frequently see is when a homeowner wants to give a housekeeper access only to certain rooms, or wants their key to open the front door knob but not the deadbolt. The rise of home rentals through sites such as AirBnB has also created a greater demand for keys that can only open certain limited rooms within the house.

American Local Locksmith can also handle the installation of "smart locks" and keycard-based systems. These electronic systems allow property owners to very quickly grant, modify and remove access for all those who are carrying an access card. These changes can be made remotely from any computer or mobile device with access to the Internet.